We believe that small groups are a foundational part of each believer's spiritual growth. We offer small groups center around: activities, age, curriculum, and more. Our desire is that every person young and old would find a small group to belong to. We strive to have 3 things happen in our small groups. 1) spiritual growth  2) genuine community  3) life-giving relationships formed. Below is a list of the small groups that we offer. We are not a church with small groups, but we are a church of small groups. 


    This small group is for those who are 60-80 years old or those who are in the 4th quarter of their lives. Join like-minded people in fellowship and discipleship. Email us if you are interested!

  • Young Adults

    We have several young adult small groups meeting in the area. This groups is areas 20-40 and meet in several locations. Email us for more info.

  • Healing

    This small group is focused on the subject of healing. If you are interested in learning more about healing for you or your family, this group is for you. Email us for more info.